Monday, April 26, 2010

Camden, Maine: Lovely Seacoast Town to Visit

With Spring well on its way and good weather here as well folks are planning trips for the weekend.  Camden, Maine is a great destination.  Located along the mid-coast of Maine it has a beautiful harbor to look at, windjammers to ride on, and shops, restaurants and hotels to frequent.  This lovely town on Penobscot Bay also has a mountain nearby to climb where you can see the beautiful view of the town and harbor with its many working and pleasure boats.  For those who like camping the Camden Hills State Park is now open.  Click here for more information about Camden, Maine.

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The Camden is a great destination which is located along the mid-coast of Maine and it has a beautiful harbor to explore, and shops, and restaurants to have a nice cuisine.

It is an ideal place for camping because it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and Penobscot Bay which provides a wonderful environment for camping.