Monday, February 14, 2011

Maine Snowmobile Association

The Maine Snowmobile Association has done a lot to promote the winter sport of snowmobiling in the state of Maine.  Read more about the the association in their description (from their website) found below: 
"The Maine Snowmobile Association has been an active and involved part of the Maine outdoors since 1968. From an initial organizational meeting of six dedicated snowmobilers, the MSA has grown to include approximately 30,000 snowmobilers (and friends) across the state and beyond its borders. Club members throughout Maine work locally, regionally and at the state level to promote snowmobiling in Maine as a safe, fun, family oriented winter sport.

Members of local clubs accept the responsibility for much of the trail clearing, bridge building, maintenance, signing and grooming that keep the Maine trail system open.  One of the clubs' most important duties is obtaining landowner permission for access, and maintaining contact with the generous people who allow snowmobile trails to cross their property. Over 2000 MSA business members support the trails effort through their membership in the clubs."
Visit the Maine Snowmobile Association website at the link found below

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