Sunday, July 18, 2010

South Portland, Maine History Museum Now Open

"SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine -- South Portland's new historical society opened its doors for the first time on the Fourth of July. The event has been four years in the making at a cost of about a quarter of a million dollars. The museum is based in the old Cushing's Point House at Bug Light Park. The entire building was moved just a short distance away to city-owned land. The house is itself a piece of history. It was used by the shipyard where the famous Liberty ships were built during World War II. Inside the museum is a vast collection of old photos snapped during the shipbuilding days. Historians refer to that era as an incredible period of growth for South Portland, which is today the fourth largest city in Maine. The Portland Pipe Line acquired the building and donated it to the South Portland Historical Society last year."
Information from "South Portland History Museum Opens", July 4, 2010.  Click here for a listing of museums in Maine.

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