Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roque Bluffs, Maine Vacation - Day Five

Day Five of our Roque Bluffs, Maine vacation was spent on the road.  We drove north to Lubec to check out the eastern-most location of the United States.  Our first stop was visiting Fort O'Brien - a beautiful view of Machias Bay from the hilltop.  Then we took Route 191 traveling through the coastal towns of Cutler (Destiny Bay is beautiful) and South Trescott.  We got off Route 191 and headed east along Boot Cove Road to Quoddy Head State Park where one finds hiking trails, a beautiful ocean park, and West Quoddy Head Light.  Then on to Lubec where we walked along Water Street and ate at one of the cafes.  Lubec is a wonderful ocean village.  As the end of the day was approaching we headed back to Roque Bluffs - taking Route 1 south (or west) through West Lubec and Whiting. Dinner was hotdogs and veggies on the grill along with a tasty salad.  A nice late evening walk along quiet roads finished up the evening.

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