Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fort Baldwin, Phippsburg, Maine

If you are looking for a place nice to visit that has some history then consider a trip to Phippsburg, Maine to visit Fort Baldwin.  Fort Baldwin is a World War I era coastal defense fort constructed to keep watch over the entrance to the Kennebec River and keep the capital of Augusta, Maine safe as well as the ship building facilities located at Bath, Maine.  The fort is easy to get to and is located near Popham Beach.  The picture at left is the observation tower found at Fort Baldwin.  It was built during World War II to allow observers to radio the positions of enemy vessels to coastal defense batteries located throughout Casco Bay. To learn more about the fort click on the link below:

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David said...

Upon visiting Fort Baldwin, I was astounded to see that the circular ventilation pipes were uncovered at each battery, and probably large enough diameter to allow a small child to slide down into and cause a very serious accident. I find it hard to believe that I saw this condition exists!!!