Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wolf Moon Journal: A Maine Magazine of Art and Opinion

Maine is rich in its abundance of writers.  Many successful book authors (for example Stephen King) live here as well as lesser known authors.  Add to this the numerous writers who post their creations online - whether it is fiction, non-fiction or niche blogs on a certain topic.  One such blog or "journal" is the Wolf Moon Journal: A Maine Magazine of Art and Opinion
"Wolf Moon Journal is a small but plucky independent web magazine based in Winthrop Maine, and has been on the web since 2002. The journal has a broad range of content, including movie reviews, essays on various topics, images of Maine, and poetry. While based in Maine, not all of our contributors are from Maine nor are all the articles about Maine—we are not afraid to tackle big themes that go beyond the state. On the other hand, we do treasure our independent voices from the hinterland, and much of our focus is on life in Maine. In short, we enjoy being somewhat contradictory."
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