Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get Ready for Hiking Season in Maine: To Start With - Avoid Blisters!

The early warm weather here in Maine has hikers (seasoned and new) looking at the possibilities of getting out on the trails.  If you are new to hiking you want an enjoyable first time experience.  Key to that is avoiding blisters.  The following article tells you how to do that!  "Ask an Outdoorsman: Blisters 101: Don't get off on the wrong foot", Portland Press Herald, March 21, 2010.  Click here for information about hiking in Maine.

Oh . . . and by the way . . . while walking along trails in the woods early in the season look out for ice under the leaves for the next few weeks.  You don't want to slip and hurt yourself on unseen ice!

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Capt. Brenda said...

We went for a hike in Rockport with our dog last weekend and found three deer ticks when we got home. I've heard from two other hiker friends that they have seen ticks already this year also. Just something to think about (and look for) if you're spending any time in the woods now.