Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Review on "Maine 101" by Nancy Griffin

A new book about Maine has been released entitled "Maine 101: Everything You Wanted to Ask About Maine and Were Going to Ask Anyway", MacIntyre Purcell Publishing, Inc., 2009.  The author is Nancy Griffin and works as a freelance writer for Working Waterfront.  A book review on "Maine 101" has been posted online.  Below is an excerpt from the book review: 
"Griffin's book reflects the state's wry, deadpan sense of humor. In an age of tweeting and shouting, Maine humor is still subtle. As Griffin writes in the section "MaineSpeak," many words and expressions come from working in the woods and on the ocean. "These two occupations-still the most dangerous in the country-not only contributed many words to the Maine lexicon, but probably gave rise to the laconic, economical, understated manner of speaking (way more adjectives than befits a Mainer)."
Read the rest of the book review at the following link:   book review about Maine 101.  You can buy the book at by clicking on the following link:  Maine 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Maine and Were Going to Ask Anyway

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